My Story

Because of my Solicitors’ ‘Negligence’ when selling my house in 1987/8, I was compelled to agree the Solicitor retain some money on ‘Trust’ for this ‘Particular Purpose,’ i.e. his ‘Negligence.’ In 1994 the Solicitor stole money from the ‘Trust Fund,’ hence my dispute with The Law Society, and being committed to prison for one year and three months and a criminal record.

When I first submitted my complaint to The Law Society in 1995, The Law Society was the ‘Official Legal Regulator.’ Nevertheless, The Law Society reacted more like a mafia type protection gang, considering their prime roll the protection of their members’ illegal acts, by illegally supporting their members’ Fraud, Theft, Perversion of Justice, and Retention of the Proceeds of Crime.

On three occasions I have been offered amounts of money more akin to hush money than the fair play and Justice I had requested, and now demand.

Having not communicated with The Law Society for several months, at the request of The Law Society, two Police officers were sent to serve me a notice accusing me of harassing The Law Society. Whereas, when I, a layperson, reported these criminal matters to the Police I was unable to persuade the Police to investigate these serious criminal acts.

Law Society Letter January 12th 2002 pdf
Solicitors Rule 1 (d) pdf

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